Curious about what Chrissy has been doing lately? Our favorite American model has been very active this year so far – let’s look over what she’s been up to.

As we know, Christine Teigen loves being vocal in social media and is not afraid of saying what she’s thinking. And normally, her words resonate with many people who are thinking the same things but just don’t dare say it. 

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In one of her latest instagram pictures, which show her husband, famous singer John Legend, and their daughter Luna walking down the street, she wrote: “Get it, DILF!”. Well, do you agree? Is John Legend a DILF? Google it if you don’t know what it means! (Hint: It’s similar to MILF)

Truly, over the last year we’ve only seen happy things from this power couple – The 28-year-old model and the singer seem to be a perfect match. And their daughter is starting to grow up to be her own little star! You can find pictures of her on instagram wearing Kim Kardashian’s latest Kardashian Kids outfits. There’s no doubt that Luna will grow up learning a lot from her mom – she is a model, after all!

Speaking about motherhood – you might be surprised to find out that Chrissy has been “mom shamed” recently, simply for going out to dinner with her husband, leaving their baby in the house only a week after her birth. 

She claims they needed a break and to “enjoy each other’s company and be out”. John didn’t waste any time and defended her on twitter, calling out the haters for not “dad-shaming”, and telling them to hate them both so Christine doesn’t have to bear the burden alone. Isn’t he just a sweetheart?

If you’re a fan of Christine, you don’t have anything to worry about – It seems like 2016 is a great year for her. Raising a kid is never easy and she will be very busy, but she has her loving husband John Legend to help her out.

One of the most popular contemporary hip hop artists, Drake, is currently being sued by one of his earlier producers. This is an unfortunate turn of events for the actor turned rapper who is enjoying the aftereffects of his latest album Views from the Six.

Detail, who produced two tracks on Drake’s album “Nothing was the Same” was allegedly offered a high end position on Views but declined the offer. His reason for turning down the job hasn’t been made public.

In June of 2014 Detail was supposedly invited to Drake’s home in California under the assumption that they were going to discuss a possible role in other upcoming projects.

However upon arriving at the house Detail was intercepted and hit in the face by Drake’s bodyguard Chubbs. Detail says he suffered a broken jaw afterwards. Chubbs has been a longtime enforcer and protector of Drakes, having received shout-outs on a number of songs.

This was an unfortunate turn of events both Detail and Drake, who in the past had worked closely together and been successful. Drake having only worked closely with one other vocal producer, 40, the two have purportedly different styles that Drake has testified benefited him greatly. 

Whereas 40 would allow him more freedom to maneuver throughout practice sets, Detail lived up to his namesake and forced Drake into a more clinical line by line approach to his raps, which Drake later admitted had a resounding positive effect on his lyrics.

As of yet no one involved in the incident has come forward to comment on it.

Excellence and the Beast will end after its up and coming fourth season, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

The CW gave the Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan dramatization an early Season 4 recharging months before its abbreviated third season debuted this late spring. 

What’s more, however, the arrangement never earned colossal appraisals, its latest season just found the middle value of 879,000 viewers, definitely down from its Season 1 normal of 1.61 million.

Excellence and the Beast’s last season is required to debut in 2016. Will you miss it?

Why is having a monster trophy so vital to this shadowy seeker in any case? Other than enormous hooks and changing eye hues, a monster doesn’t look that not quite the same as an ordinary human, so dislike he’s going to make an appealing centerpiece for your lounge room.

The “seeker” isn’t notwithstanding coming after Vincent himself – he’s enlisting top-level professional killers to do the messy work for him, which implies he isn’t in it for the execute either. Plainly, he knows and wants something about monsters that we haven’t found yet, and an adversary you don’t comprehend is the scariest sort to have.

What’s more regrettable is this new danger not just destroyed Vincent and Cat’s (Kristen Kreuk) special first night, yet he’s the most recent wellspring of strain in their relationship. 

The adored couple was just ready to make it down the passageway when they felt that monster life was behind them, yet this new risk has placed them in the line of sight of peril once more. Vincent is taking every last bit of it in step. However, Cat is as of now battling with the possibility that there’s a conceivably interminable stream of expert assassins desiring them.

Do you think Cat and Vincent can survive the new adversary in their last season?

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